70905730_1167562133444715_8470127810717941760_n.jpgThe president of the Greater Accra Handball Association Mr. Paul Kofi Yesu Dadzie today 2nd October, 2019 received a cheque of 50,000 cedis from Ghana National Gas Company as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The presentation was done during a short meeting between the CEO, staffs of the Ghana National Gas Company and the Executives of the Greater Accra Handball Association.

The CEO of Ghana Gas – Dr Ben K. D. Asante expressed his profound love for the least financed sports in the country and he used this opportunity to call on Corporate Ghana to lean a helping hand to these sporting disciplines so as to enable them do marvelously well both locally and Internationally.

Mr Dadzie could not hide his joy after seeking for sponsorship over 3 years now to make the Greater Accra Handball Association’s vision of developing the game in the capital and cutting it across the other regions in the country so that handball becomes one of the prowess of Ghana Sports. He said;

Am I dreaming or is the whole thing going on! It has not been easy for us as an Association, because we don’t see why an Association like Greater Accra Handball Association (GAHA) doing all it takes in handball but nobody is ready to help us from that angle.

When it comes to handball, GAHA has produced a lot of players for the Nation because this is where the League is being played and 98% of our National players come from the Greater Accra Handball League. And that is what we use in pushing up the Nation. So to go out with proposals and nobody seems to care about what we’re doing, in fact it was very difficult.

It was a sign of relief to us when I got a call that we should see you for our cheque. So this afternoon we are here basically to express our appreciation to you and also to take charge of whatever you have for my Association.

Mr Dadzie who is popularly called Kofi Yesu further concluded by thanking the CEO and his staffs for extending a great helping hand to the Association. He also said;

I am sure it’s not going to be the end. Though it’s a major boost to our organization, we also use this opportunity to also appeal to you. That, it is not going to be only this year but rather renew our relationship. It is the beginning of a new relationship with your Institution.

The Ghana Gas CEO – Dr Ben K. D. Asante expressed his interest in supporting and help develop least financed sports in the country. His response to that effect was:

I want to encourage the lesser known sports; Handball, Hockey, Swimming and Volleyball along those vein and to be able to see that you also have a friend in us (Ghana Gas) in terms of trying to push these sports to the forefront. Handball of course has been around for at least 45 years and what you’re telling us, you still facing some challenges in terms of development. Development which is unpinned or not unpinned by the lack of money.

So this is just a step, a token step to show that we are with you. We will do whatever we can certainly within our budgetary means to support you as well as you go on to develop Handball within the Nation.

He concluded by saying that:

we are happy that you’re here and who knows, one day we would get a team from Ghana Gas to face the Greater Accra Handball team for an exhibition game. Again thanks for coming and we are happy to have you here.

71702460_1167562433444685_7683329569192935424_nIn view of this, the PRO for the Greater Accra Handball Association – Nicholas Akusah released a communique stating that the various Greater Accra Handball Events will have Ghana Gas as the Main Title Sponsor.

Effective immediately, the Greater Accra Handball League will now be called Ghana Gas Handball League.

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