handballThe Game of HANDBALL started in Ghana in 1975 by Mr. S. K. Hlordze then Deputy Chief Sport’s Organizer of the National Sports Council and Mr. Katé   Caesar, then a visiting lecturer at Specialist Training College – P. E Department, Winneba, now and the University of Education.

The German Government donated a quantity of equipment to be used in establishing the Sports College among the items was a number of Berg – Handballs.

Mr. Katé Caesar organized the first Handball Clinic at the Osu end (Car Park) of the Accra Sports Stadium with the support of Mr. S. K. Hlordze and the assistance of the Missodey Brothers i.e. Emile and Gabriel who were very proficient in basic Handball skills.

They had then been recognised trainers of the National Sports Council.

The clinic was over one week aimed at introducing basic skills in the game to Physical Education students during the Easter break in April 1975.

Later in the year Gabriel and Emile Missodey, supported by Mr. S. K. Hlordze formed the first handball team in Ghana based in Osu [Great Fingers International Handball Club].

In September 1977 some player from Fingers International most of them residing around Kaneshie started training at the Kaneshie Sports Complex and eventually formed Hostac Handball Club, it was from these two that other teams were formed.

The Handball Association of Ghana was formed in 11th November 1976 with Mr. Katé Caesar as the first Chairman

The first International competition in Handball took place in Accra in May 1977 between Ghana and Togo with the return encounter in Lome -Togo two weeks later, the National Team at that time were students from Specialist Training College – Winneba.

In 1976, the Ghana University Sports Association included Handball in their Competitions but lack of basic infrastructure kept the game on hold until quite recently that all the major Universities have embraced it i.e. Legon, Cape Coast, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology University of Education – Winneba and University of Development Studies.

In July 1977, during the National Sports Festival, Handball was included and the teams that took part included Gt. Accra, Central Region, Armed Forces, Eastern Region, Ashanti Region Volta Region, Northern, Region and Brong Ahafo Regions. Due to the high performance of Greater Accra, they had the chance of playing Ogun State in Accra which Greater Accra won. In 1978, Ghana played Cote de voire in Africa Zone three elimination. The Security Services took up the Game in the 1980s onwards.

After Mr. Katé Caesar, in 1978 Mr. B.T. Baba became the Chairman till date.

Ghana handball is currently of age, some of it coaches have benefited from advanced coaching courses in University of Leipzig in Germany. Referees from Ghana have been officiating in international competitions around the Africa continent.

Ghana won Bronze Medal at Commonwealth Youth Championship held in Minna – Nigeria in 1992. She also won Bronze Medal at the 7Th All African Games held in Johannesburg – South Africa in 1999.

In August 2006, Ghana’s women’s National Team won the African Challenge Trophy [Africa Cup] held in Lome – Togo.

Due to lack of sponsorship, handball League is only organized in Greater Accra.

Currently there are ten (10) male teams and six (6) female teams participating in the Greater Accra Handball League. There are other teams around the country like Kpando Young hands from Volta Region and Globe Trotters from the Northern Region.

Handball has also become part of the Basic and Second Cycle Schools Sports Calendar, with all Senior Secondary Schools playing the game seriously, especially in Greater Accra Region.


Since 1977, the game has not seen much infrastructural growth and Development. Apart from the Ghana Prisons Service and the Ghana Armed Forces which can boast of good concrete open courts, not much can be said of structural development in the Regions though the game is now being played at the first and second cycle level all over the country.

There is the need to look for other means to develop the Game, therefore the quest to look for assistance in the form of structural and Technical development i.e.:

1 A modern Indoor Facility that could be used for Commercial purpose with sitting capacity of Ten Thousand (10,000) Spectators. Such a facility could cater for other games i.e. Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Judo and Boxing Tournaments.

Other facilities that could be developed in an Indoor Facility are

1. I.C.T. Centre
2. Shopping MALL

3. Hostel with not less than 100 rooms
4. A Car Park
5. Crèche

6. Swimming
7. Fitness Centre
8. Banking Hall
9. Conference Halls
10. FM/TV station
11. Offices

2. Technical Development

a. There is also the need to source for assistance to technically upgrade the game within the Country i.e. Training of more Coaches and Referees.
b. Upgrading of existing Coaches and Referees to International Level and Standard.

3 Equipment

For Handball to grow in the Regions, basic equipment would have to be purchased or brought into the Country for accelerated growth. It is in the light of the above that the Handball Association of Ghana is opening up its doors to the outside world especially Handball Loving Countries, Nations, Organizations, Companies, Construction Firms, Donors etc .for assistance in any form to come to our aid for the construction of a big and up-to-date In-door Facility which could serve for other commercial activities to generate Funding for the Association’s activities.

When these facilities are provided, Ghana will have the opportunity to host African and world Championships

Our doors are open for further enquires, advice, queries as to how to carry out this our avowed aim to improve upon the game and help Handball grow in Ghana.

Complied by the Secretary Greater Handball Association
Mr. Charles W. Mensah.

2 Responses to History

  1. Davies says:

    Surely one day we will make it big,so no worry still heads/hopes up High.

  2. Nansam-Aggrey Eric says:

    Amen to that, we just need devoted people to the game

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